Finally, finally after all these years! I can hardly belive I am writing these words. For so many years I have wanted to put my "interior" thoughts on a blog but always found some excuses.....haven´t got the time, not a good enough pen, not enough ideas. Well I have decided to change my vision from dream to reality, so I got to take action. Perfect start of the year 2018, so here I go! Let me introduce me and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Hildur and I am an interior designer from Iceland, living in Norway. I recently started my own company Studio Homestead and I am finally planning to do what I absolutely love to do, interior design and styling. I am also studying MS in Leadership and Management and hoping to finish this year (crossing my fingers). I have four adorable children from 6 - 26. Yes, that's right 4 in 20 years, I joke about it that I have done my duty and delivered mine to this world. My husband is a lighting designer and a very good one, so you can just imagine how our dinner table conversations are. This environment has manifested in very creative children, who we today learn a lot from, by watch them from the sideline, funny this life.

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